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CHULÉ joins efforts with SOUMA for a more sustainable and free of unger world.

SOUMA has the mission to transform lives, valuing each one with the goal of a common good. The main focus is to fight isolation and social exclusion, regardless of the subject's age or circumstance of life.

Since the 12th of March, SOUMA has been on the unger front, giving food assistance to more than 200 people (equivalent to 2800 meals) on a weekly food basket distribution.

CHULÉ created the charity box to join SOUMA in this fight that bellongs to all of us.

Buying a charity box you are directly helping SOUMA with one meal. One box equals one meal for the ones in need. 

Each box has a capacity of up to four pairs of socks.

Add your box to your shopping cart for only 2€. The box comes free of charge for purchases over 25€. You can add your box here.

You can also help SOUMA by donating to:

PT50 0010 0000 5565 3890 0011 6

Follow SOUMA on:

  • Instagram: souma.detodasaspartes
  • Facebook: SOUMA

Thank you for your support!

For a better world,

Chulé Team